Integrated Trailer Brake Control System

The vehicle may have an Integrated Trailer Brake Control (ITBC) system for electric trailer brakes.

The vehicle may have an Integrated Trailer Brake Control (ITBC) system for electric trailer brakes.

This symbol is located on the Trailer Brake Control Panel on vehicles with an Integrated Trailer Brake Control system. The power output to the trailer brakes is based on the amount of brake pressure being applied by the vehicle’s brake system. This available power output to the trailer brakes can be adjusted to a wide range of trailering situations.

The ITBC system is integrated with the vehicle’s brake, antilock brake, and StabiliTrak (if equipped) systems. In trailering conditions that cause the vehicle’s antilock brake or StabiliTrak systems to activate, power sent to the trailer's brakes will be automatically adjusted to minimize trailer wheel lock-up. This does not imply that the trailer has StabiliTrak.

Non-hybrid vehicles with StabiliTrak have a Trailer Sway Control (TSC) feature. See Trailer Sway Control (TSC) on page 9‑112.

Non-hybrid vehicles with StabiliTrak have a Hill Start Assist (HSA) feature. See Hill Start Assist (HSA) on page 9‑59.

If the vehicle’s brake, antilock brake, or StabiliTrak systems are not functioning properly, the ITBC system may not be fully functional or may not function at all. Make sure all of these systems are fully operational to ensure full functionality of the ITBC system.

The ITBC system is powered through the vehicle's electrical system. Turning the ignition off will also turn off the ITBC system. The ITBC system is fully functional only when the ignition is in ON or in RUN.

The ITBC system can only be used with trailers with electric brakes.

Connecting a trailer that is not compatible with the ITBC system may result in reduced or complete loss of trailer braking. There may be an increase in stopping distance or trailer instability which could result in personal injury or damage to the vehicle, trailer, or other property. An aftermarket controller may be available for use with trailers with surge, air, or electric-over-hydraulic trailer brake systems. To determine the type of brakes on the trailer and the availability of controllers, check with your trailer manufacturer or dealer.

When trailering, make sure of the following:
• The ITBC system is used only with trailers that are equipped with electric brakes.
• All applicable local and federal laws and regulations are followed.
• All electrical and mechanical connections to the trailer are made correctly.
• The trailer’s brakes are in proper working condition.
• The trailer and vehicle are properly loaded for the towing condition.

The ITBC system is a factory-installed item. Out-of-factory installation of this system should not be attempted. GM is not responsible for warranty or performance of the system resulting from out-of-factory installation.

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