Radio with USB, CD, and DVD (MP3)
Radio with USB, CD, and DVD (MP3)

: Press to turn the system on and off. Turn to increase or decrease the volume.

BAND: Press to choose between FM, AM, or XM™, if equipped.

: Select radio stations.

: Seek or scan stations. or : Seek or scan stations.

For more information about these and other radio features, see Operation on page 7‑3.: Press to switch the display between the radio station frequency and the time. While the ignition is off, press this button to display the time. Press to display additional text information related to the current FM-RDS or XM station; or CD, MP3, or WMA song. If information is available during XM, CD, MP3, or WMA playback, the song title information displays on the top line of the display and artist information displays on the bottom line. When information is not available, “NO INFO” displays.

For more information about these and other radio features, see Operation on page 7‑3.

For vehicles with a Rear Seat Entertainment System (RSE) and Rear Seat Audio System (RSA), see Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) System on page 7‑38 and Rear Seat Audio (RSA) System on page 7‑48 for more information.

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